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Ayahuasca tour to Ecuador

The Ayahuasca Ritual Tour to Ecuador is a specially designed program that combines spiritual experiences with the opportunity to explore the unique nature and culture of this South American country. This tour is designed for people seeking deeper spiritual understanding and personal development through participation in traditional shamanic rituals with ayahuasca.

The tour is a comprehensive package, so a program, accommodation and meals are provided. Of course, transportation within Ecuador is provided. Airfare needs to be arranged separately, also because you may spend some time in Ecuador before or after the tour.

There is plenty of time for adventure, relaxation and rest, but the main essence of the Ecuador tour is the healing power of the sacred medicine Ayahuasca.

The tour includes:


Spiritual rituals: The tour includes participation in ayahuasca rituals led by experienced shamans. These sessions focus on spiritual awakening, self-discovery and deep inner transformation.

Sharing the experience together after the ceremony: These are part of the program for a deeper understanding of shamanic practices, history and the meaning of ayahuasca.

Exploring Nature: the program also includes trips to the rainforests of Ecuador, where as participants they have the opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna. There will be a trip to waterfalls, sauna sessions, cable car rides and much more.

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Special diet: The food during the tour is carefully selected to be in accordance with the dietary restrictions and preparations needed for the ayahuasca rituals. Meals are usually light, healthy and prepared with local ingredients. Meals during the tour are maximally consistent with the diet before taking ayahuasca

Nutritious and balanced meals: Emphasis is placed on providing balanced nutrition that supports both the physical, mental and spiritual health of participants. Not to worry though, even if the food is tuned to more healthier tones, it will be very tasty.

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Comfortable and authentic: the accommodation is chosen to provide comfort while allowing participants to stay in close contact with nature and local culture. Often these are eco-friendly accommodations or traditional huts. The accommodation will always be as safe and clean as possible.Relaxation and tranquillity: The accommodation environment is designed to promote relaxation and rest, which is key to processing and integrating the ritual experience.


Relaxation and tranquility: the accommodation environment is designed to promote relaxation and rest, which is key to processing and integrating the ritual.

We will be moving across Ecuador, so you can expect to stay in hotels and jungle lodging at the various shamans we visit.

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