Trip to jungle

11 days program - 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies

This 11-day Amayas program is unique and special. I prepared it for you so
to discover the beauty of Ecuador while having lots of fun and adventure. It has a lot of space for relaxation. First of all it is a treatment with ceremonies with Ayahuasca.
Let’s go deep into the beautiful virgin
jungles and we will also set sail on rivers. We will visit two centers in total and two different shamans who will accompany you during unforgettable ceremonies . They are one of the best
teachers and healers in Ecuador.

Day 1 -Transportation from Quito to the jungle

Our day will begin with transportation from Quito. How it will be? Around 3 p.m. the driver will pick you up from your hotels near the airport or at the airport. If you stay in the center of Quito you will have to travel to the airport on the day of the trip from where we will go to the jungle together. The journey will take approximately 3-4 hours. Don’t worry it will go by quickly because there is definitely something to see along the way. Upon arrival you can look around unpack and settle in at your leisure. Then we finally have dinner get to know each other and talk about what awaits us in the following days.

Day 2 - 1st. Ayahuasca ceremony(Papíto José)

We will visit the local community and learn how to preparate the real Ecuadorian chocolate then we will head out to feed the caimans.All places lie
along the river so we will get to them in a small boat. After lunch we will finally go to the shaman Papíto José. We will undergo the first ceremony with Ayahuasca but before that we will enjoy relaxation in healing sauna. Then we will meet for the 1st ceremony.

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Day 3

In the morning after the Ayahuasca ceremony we will have a healthy breakfast and leave from the shaman Papíto José. We will go back to the accommodation which is only a few km away. After lunch we will relax by the pool in the jungle and then visit the wonderful blue lagoon where we will swimming.

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Day 4 -2nd. Ayahuasca ceremony(Papíto José)

In the morning we will visit the 2nd largest cave in Ecuador. After lunch we will go back to the place where the shaman Papíto José lives.

A welcome dance (small performance) by Papíto’s family will await us.Then the shaman Papíto José will prepare a healing sauna made of herbs. In the evening we will have a 2nd ceremony with Ayahuasca.

I know from my own experience that people often have a need to share their emotions and visions after an experience with
Ayahuasca with others. We will therefore reserve space for possible questions or just sharing
own experiences which can often help to better understand the process you will be able to go through
browse through. If you want to keep your experiences to yourself you can it’s up to you. 🙂

We will enjoy a great program together.

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Day 5

On this day we will go to a town 3 hours away which is located in the so-called “Cloud forest” where we will visit a huge waterfall. We will then be transported to a viewpoint in the mountains where we will have an incredible view from the glass bridge of the entire city and the mountains.

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Day 6 - 3rd. Ayahuasca ceremony(Louis)

We will visit the lagoon through which we will take a canoe ride. You will have the opportunity to see the different animals that live here. Then we will move to a nearby community where we will have a program in the form of an introduction to the traditions and culture of Kichwa. After lunch we will go deep into the jungle to see the shaman Louis.
looser. We will have more time to relax and rest and we can feel better for the next Ayahuasca ceremony  that awaits us.

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Day 7

This day will be free of scheduled activities so that you can properly relax and have more time for yourselves. If you wish, you can visit the town, which is a 20-minute drive from our accommodation. Basic meals will be provided.

Day 8

You will definitely love this trip – we have a whole day trip on the raft waiting for you! The expedition will be led by professionals who will ensure not only 100% safety, but also all equipment – raft, helmet, vest, paddle, everything needed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We will be accompanied by kayakers who will be near us the whole time and will help, for example, if we fall into the water, etc. We will also have one professional on each raft who will help us with navigation.

You don’t need to have any previous experience. This is a safe activity suitable for all ages and I believe you will enjoy it to the fullest. And don’t be afraid of crocodiles either. They only live in stagnant water, definitely don’t expect them on the river.

In the calmer parts of the river, we can also swim during the cruise – drifting down the river in the middle of the jungle? It’s just a divine feeling! 🙂 On the way we will see smaller waterfalls, visit various hidden places in the jungle and have lunch. Then we will continue further down the river. Later in the afternoon we will return back to our accommodation and have dinner here.

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Day 9 - 4th. Ayahuasca ceremony (Louis)

The next day, after breakfast  there will be a free program. In the afternoon we will go for lunch and then deep into the jungle to see the shaman Louis. Last ceremony with ayahuasca will await us in the evening.

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Day 10

The next day after breakfast we will leave the last ceremony. On this day you will have space to relax. If you wish there is the possibility of a trip on a double person to the Jatun Yaku River accompanied by professionals. Later in the afternoon we will go deeper into the jungle for dinner for the so-called tasting menu where we will have the opportunity to taste various delicacies from the jungle. It is a very beautiful and pleasant end to the whole expedition.

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Day 11

After breakfast, we will head back to Quito. On the way, we will stop in the mountains, where we will visit a thermal bath for about 3 hours, if you want, you will be able to share your experiences and feelings, any impressions from the whole expedition. We will say goodbye together and head back to Quito and that will be the end of our expedition.

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