Trip to jungle


Although it is very important to follow a diet during Ayahuasca ceremonies you can look forward to
tasty, quality and healthy food such as rice, chicken, fish, vegetables, lentils, eggs, vegetable soups, potatoes, fruit, etc.
Throughout our stay cooks will take care of us and prepare breakfast, lunch and
dinner directly at the place of our accommodation. During some trips we also visit locals
restaurants so you will be able to taste other dishes as well.

This basic food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included in the price.Everything else such as snacks etc. is paid for at everyone’s own expense.

I would also like to mention that lunch will be the last meal we eat on the day of the ceremony.

If hunger still catches up with you before the ceremony you can have fruit or nuts, for example.
If you have any food allergies or don’t eat specific foods let me know please in the registration form.

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