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Why undergo Ayahuasca with us?

What will you experience with Amayas? Thanks to this program, you will not only undergo healing ceremonies with Ayahuasca, but you will also have a program full of experiences and adventures.You will get to know Ecuador, the local culture, communities and traditions. But most importantly – you will go to the heart of the beautiful Amazon. There are many activities you can experience. It depends on which program you choose.

Embark on your life-changing journey with Amayas.

Ayahuasca program

11 day ayahuasca program

This program is special and also the most popular. It combines Ayahuasca ceremonies with a full schedule consisting of amazing trips. Above all, it is about healing with the sacred medicine Ayahuasca.

You will undergo 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies.

And much more can be found in the program.

7 day ayahuasca program

Compared to the previous program, this one is completely different and much simpler. It is intended for those who mainly want to rest during the ceremonies and do not require many activities.

And much more can be found in the program.


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Which shamans will guide you through the Ayahuasca ceremonies?

Papito Jose

Papito Jose

Papito is 84 years old. He lives on a hill deep in the jungle and his life's mission is to heal. He started preparing for the role of shaman as a 5-year-old boy. He is a highly respected healer among the locals, an elder with the gift of immense wisdom. Before drinking Ayahuasca, he always likes to tell stories from his life, and in the meantime he serves Gayusa tea and so-called water tobacco, which each of you applies to your nose. During the Ayahuasca ceremony he will individually cleanse you of all negative energies and accompany you with his singing and musical instruments .


Louis is 75 years old. He also lives deep in the jungle. From birth, he was trained by his father, also known as the powerful Yachak, to become a shaman. He has been practicing the use of medicinal plants in the forest for almost 40 years, specifically to purify the blood in the treatment of diseases and to purify spiritual energy through special ceremonies using essences extracted from Amazonian plants.Throughout the Ayahuasca ceremonies he will accompany you with his singing and musical instruments.

Expedition program

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