Trip to jungle

What to pack?

You often only find out on the way that you are carrying most of the completely unnecessary things. It won’t be comfortable with a heavy suitcase, so reach for it instead
trunks. I would also like to recommend a few other things that you should take with you:

One of the trips will take us across rivers, so we’ll be wading through water. Therefore, I recommend bringing an extra pair of sneakers. You can also bring rubber boots, but sneakers are generally more comfortable. Since we’ll be moving through mountains and jungle, don’t forget to pack something warmer alongside your summer clothes. The weather here is very unpredictable, so having a jacket or sweater might come in handy. For rafting, you’ll appreciate neoprene clothing, although it’s not a requirement, just my recommendation.

If you want to keep your phone charged at all times, don’t forget to pack a power bank. In some places where we’ll be traveling, charging options may not be available.

How much cash should I bring?

Everything except for the flights is included in the price (accommodation, basic meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, excursions, ceremonies, transfers throughout Ecuador). However, if you wish to buy souvenirs or extras, it’s a good idea to have some cash in small denominations. You can easily withdraw money from ATMs in the city of Tena, where we’ll be most frequently.

Are you interested in anything else? Take a look at the frequently asked questions and answers available in the general information or Ayahuasca information sections.

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