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In this 8-day program, we will venture into the heart of the Amazon jungle and the mountains. You can expect an enriching, action-packed program full of fun, adventure, and relaxation. We will sail on several rivers, embark on a rafting adventure, visit hidden spots in the jungle, the local Kichwa community, a mountain town where we will bathe in thermal baths, as well as experience ziplining and much more. See the program below for details.

1. day (Day of transportation from Quito)

Your day will start with transportation from Quito. How will it proceed? Around 3:00 PM, the driver will pick you up from your hotels near the airport or directly from the airport. If you are staying in downtown Quito, you will need to make your way to the airport on the day the expedition begins, from where we will travel together towards the jungle. The journey will take approximately 3-4 hours. Don’t worry, it will pass quickly because there is certainly plenty to see along the way. Upon arrival, you can relax, unpack, and settle in. Then we will finally have dinner, get to know each other, and talk about what awaits us in the coming days.

2. day

We will visit a local community, participate in the preparation of authentic Ecuadorian chocolate, and also visit a lagoon where caimans live. All these places are located along the river, so we will travel to them by small boat. After lunch, we will visit the lagoon and take a canoe ride through it. We will have the opportunity to see various animals living here. Then, we will move to a nearby community where we will experience a program showcasing Kichwa traditions and culture.

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3. day

In the morning we will go to the city, which is located in the mountainous areas of the so-called “Sicilian Mountains”. Cloud Forest” 3 hours away by car. On the way, we will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ecuador, then we will move to the viewpoint, which is located on the top of the mountains, where we will have an incredible view of the entire city. Later in the afternoon we will go to a hotel in the city center, where we will treat ourselves to a Spa-sauna, whirlpool and swimming pool. In the evening we will walk through the city center and have dinner.

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4. day

In the morning we will go on a zipline. This activity is one of the most popular. Fly over a beautiful canyon and overlook the valley of the mountains. We will then have a short cable car ride over the beautiful waterfalls. After lunch, we will visit another waterfall and head back to the jungle.
Along the way, we will stop at one famous Amazon store where you will be able to buy real Amazonian clothes, souvenirs, blankets, decorations, etc.

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5. day

You’ll absolutely love this trip – we have a full-day rafting excursion ahead of us! The expedition will be led by professionals who will ensure not only 100% safety but also provide all the equipment – raft, helmet, life jacket, paddle – everything you need to feel comfortable. We’ll be accompanied by kayakers who will be close by the whole time and can assist, for example, if someone falls into the water, etc. Each raft will also have a professional dedicated to helping us navigate.

You don’t need any prior experience. It’s a safe activity suitable for all ages, and I believe you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. And don’t worry about crocodiles. They only live in stagnant waters; you definitely won’t find them in the river.

In the calmer parts of the river, we can also swim during the ride – being carried by the river amidst the jungle? That’s just an amazing feeling! 😊 Along the way, we’ll see smaller waterfalls, visit various hidden spots in the jungle, and have lunch. Then we’ll continue further down the river. Later in the afternoon, we’ll return to our accommodation for dinner.

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6. day

In the morning, we’ll embark on a jungle walk to the hidden Grand Canyon, where we can take a dip. This place is quite special, with caves and a hidden waterfall. After lunch, we’ll explore the second largest cave in Ecuador. Later in the afternoon, we’ll return to our accommodation, and you’ll have some free time. You can opt to visit the nearby town of Tena, which is just a 25-minute drive from where we’re staying.

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7. day

This day will bring us back to the river, but this time on a tandem kayak. We’ll all go together, with each of you sharing a tandem kayak with a professional guide, ensuring 100% safety throughout the ride. In the afternoon, we’ll indulge in a lava stone massage amidst the jungle, followed by relaxation by the pool and sauna!

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8. day

After breakfast, we will head back towards Quito. Along the way, we will stop in the mountains to visit the hot springs for approximately 2 hours. We will then bid farewell and make our way back to Quito, concluding our expedition.

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