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Louis is 75 years old. He lives deep in the jungle. From birth he was trained by his father also known as the powerful Yachak to become a shaman. He has been practicing the use of medicinal plants in the forest for almost 40 years specifically to purify the blood in the treatment of diseases and to purify spiritual energy through special ceremonies using essences extracted from Amazonian plants. During the ceremony he will also individually cleanse you of all negative energies and accompany you with his singing and musical instruments throughout the ceremony.

Papito Jose


Papito is 84 years old. He lives on a hill deep in the jungle and his life’s mission is to heal. He started preparing for the role of shaman as a 5-year-old boy. He is a highly respected healer among the locals an elder with the gift of immense wisdom. Before drinking Ayahuasca he always likes to tell stories from his life and in the meantime he serves Gayusa tea and so-called water tobacco which each of you applies to your nose and during the ceremony he will individually cleanse you of all negative energies and accompany you throughout the ceremony with his singing and musical instruments.

Shamans in the context of ayahuasca healing

Shamans, as deeply respected spiritual leaders and healers in traditional cultures, play a key role in the use of ayahuasca, a ritual drink that is the result of a unique combination of two plants from the Amazon rainforest: Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis.

These plants, when combined, form a powerful drink that allows users to explore spiritual and energetic worlds that are beyond the normal state of consciousness. It remains a mystery how shamans in the Amazon learned to combine these two plants, each of which is almost inactive on its own, out of the thousands possible in the Amazon rainforest.

The odds of finding the combination to make ayahuasca by chance are extremely low – a million to one. However, the indigenous healers of the Amazon believe that the recipe for making this drink was revealed to the shamans by the plants themselves.

Ceremonies led by real shamans and guides

Shamans and guides in ayahuasca ritual are traditional healers referred to by various names such as:

  • Ayahuasquero
  •  Taita
  • Curandero
  • Onaya
  • Maestro

In the USA and other regions outside of South America where shamanic ceremonies with ayahuasca are held, ceremony leaders may be named differently, especially if they are not directly associated with Amazonian culture. The term “plastic shamans is used to refer to persons outside of indigenous communities who improperly pass themselves off as shamans without the appropriate training or experience.

We have spiritual leaders and great shamans on our shamanic team directly from Ecuador who will safely guide you through the ceremony.

Indigenous healers have different attitudes towards ayahuasca. Shamans are aware of the interest of “white people” in ayahuasca rituals and retreats, and there is an understanding in the South American community that people of Western descent will continue to use ayahuasca. Therefore, it is important that they are given proper guidance in its use. I myself have been lucky to come across the right people in Ecuador, and I want to pass on my experience and story to you.

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