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Diet before taking Ayahuasca How to prepare for the ceremony

Ayahuasca, the spiritual drink from the Amazon, requires not only mental but also physical preparation before its ingestion. An essential part of this preparation before ayahuasca retreat is a special diet known as the “Ayahuasca Diet”. This diet is not just about restricting certain foods, but about purifying the body and spirit, which is essential for the maximum enjoyment of ayahuasca.

Physical preparation of the body

Ayahuasca produces intense psychoactive reactions that can be amplified or negatively affected by certain foods. Adherence to a specific diet helps minimize the risk of side effects and ensures that the body is clean and prepared for a profound experience.

Mental and spiritual preparation

Diet and moderation in eating are not just about physical health. It is an act of self-discipline and renunciation that strengthens the mental and spiritual resolve of the participant. This opens the way to a deeper understanding and connection with the ceremony.

What to omit in the diet?

At least one week before the start of the therapy it is recommended to exclude or limit the following ingredients from the diet:

  • Limit salt and all types of pepper,
  • Limit white sugar and sweets, with moderate use of brown cane sugar,
  • Omit pork (ideally for life),
  • Limit red meat,
  • Use only olive or coconut oil, and in limited amounts,
  • Avoide animal fats such as lard or butter,
  • Avoide fizzy drinks, drinks with sweeteners, energy drinks, cola and soft beer,
  • Limit spices, chilli,
  • Avoide ice, ice cream and iced drinks,
  • Limit dairy products and milk,
  • Avoide coffee, eggs, nuts,
  • Avoide preserves, compotes and jams,
  • Limit legumes,
  • Maintain abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, drugs and medications.

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