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Ayahuasca informations

To begin with I would like to say that ayahuasca is not a drug but a beverage with its own intelligence. It is prepared from a vine called 'Banisteriopsis caapi' and leaves containing DMT (dimethyltryptamine) which induces hallucinogenic states. Ayahuasca is intended for those who genuinely want to work on themselves or desire to make a change in their lives. It is administered in the presence of shamans who will guide you throughout the entire ceremony.

Ayahuasca will change your life if you are open to it. Most commonly there are two groups of people who seek it out - those who desire to experience something new but don't want to change anything in their lives and then there are those who actively seek change. Often these are individuals prepared to confront their deeply rooted traumas and various issues. They simply know what they want from Ayahuasca.

Ceremonies take place in a gazebo which is called a Maloka. Traditionally Gayusa tea is drink before the ceremony which gives you energy and water tobacco is also applied to the nose which has the same effect. The shaman sits at the head he also drinks Ayahuasca to connect to your energy and heal you and later to the accompaniment of shamanic chants and musical instruments each one will be individually cleansed with sage. During the ceremony it removes from you all the negative energies that have burdened you until now. On average the ceremony lasts about 3-4 hours sometimes even longer it is quite individual. It will feel like a moment to you. During ceremonies with us a translator will be available as well as assistance if you need help with anything. Everything you need will be provided for your 100% comfort and satisfaction.

Ayahuasca primarily cleanses your body from all that is negative. Through personal visions it offers you the opportunity for self-discovery, revealing the essence of your life and being. It also helps you on a physical level by purifying your body from impurities. Ultimately it lightens your mind as well. It helps rid you of various unpleasant feelings both emotional and psychological that have accumulated within you over the course of your life. Ayahuasca knows exactly what you need in any given moment. You will discover your true self – it will show you who you were who you are now and who you can be. You will find yourself change your thinking and your life priorities. You will open your mind and start seeing the world with new and better eyes.

If the body is not adequately cleansed it may manifest through vomiting or diarrhea. Don't worry this is a completely normal process and it's necessary. Especially during the first ceremony it's important for your body to cleanse thoroughly. As a result you may not even have any visions and for you it means one thing only – Ayahuasca has started to work initially focusing on the physical level. 🙂 You cannot avoid this process each ceremony is unique and distinct none are the same.

In short it belongs to the purification process. Why? If the body is not clean it works on the physical level this manifests itself in vomiting. For that reason each of you has a bucket ready for you to throw up in during the ceremony - if you need to. There are also those who do not vomit at all. But don't worry. It is not a classic unpleasant vomiting – you feel that everything you no longer want is leaving your body (and life). You will feel amazing! You may also not have any visions at the first ceremony. First of all it is important that you cleanse yourself of everything bad and be ready for the next process with ayahuasca.

Ceremonies last an average of 3-4 hours, sometimes longer. However, during the ceremony you forget about time and even a few hours can seem like a moment. Everything is completely individual and at the same time it also depends on how much ayahuasca you drink. If you feel you need to drink more, you can after a certain period of time. Because a specific dose has a different effect on everyone, and each of you determines the amount yourself, depending on what is comfortable for you.

One ceremony is certainly not enough. From my own experience, I know that the first ceremonies tend to be milder, even if you space them out. The most potent effects I experienced were after 2–3 ceremonies. However, each one is completely different and will propel you forward in some way. I always learned something new from them. They provided me with life lessons that forever changed my perspective on myself, others, and the world around me. If you choose to embark on this path, you will encounter your better self and gain a much better understanding of the meaning behind these words. Ayahuasca is a sacred medicine, and it's important to approach it with reverence and respect.

However, you don't have to fear undergoing multiple ceremonies. On the contrary, with each one, you will feel a change for the better. But if you don't feel ready for another ceremony, you certainly don't have to undergo it. And that's perfectly okay. 🙂 The diet is very important, and you can read about it in the following paragraphs. The more diligently you adhere to the diet, the better and deeper your ceremonies with ayahuasca will be.

Now that you know one of the most important aspects of working with ayahuasca is the diet. This diet prepares your body and mind to receive the healing energy of ayahuasca. It involves not only adhering to dietary rules but also avoiding any physical contact with other people (sex, kissing). If you follow this diet, you can have beautiful experiences.

At least 1 week before the treatment.

I recommend limiting or omitting the following foods, condiments, etc., from your diet:


  • Limit salt and all kinds of pepper.
  • Limit white sugar (use brown cane sugar moderately), sweets, and chocolate.
  • Pork (at least 2 weeks before the treatment; we recommend excluding pork from your diet for a lifetime).
  • Red meat.
  • Oils (only olive or coconut oil are allowed, but in very small quantities).
  • Animal fats (pork fat, butter, etc.).
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Beverages containing artificial sweeteners (aspartame, etc.).
  • Energy drinks, Coca-Cola, and non-alcoholic beer.
  • Spices and chili.
  • Ice, ice cream, and frozen drinks.
  • Dairy products and milk (yogurts, cheeses, etc.).
  • Coffee.
  • Eggs – preferably use organic ones (without chemicals).
  • Nuts (contain a lot of oils and molds).
  • Canned goods, fruit preserves, and pickled foods.
  • Legumes (especially beans).
  • Alcohol, marijuana, and light and hard drugs.
  • Medications and dietary supplements should not be combined with ayahuasca – we recommend stopping them in advance before your arrival. Consult with a doctor about discontinuing prescribed medications even before making the reservation.


Additional restrictions:

  • No sexual activity, including masturbation.
  • Avoid synthetic products (e.g., soaps, perfumes, toiletries); you can use natural soaps and shampoos.
  • Do not take any medications (if you are currently taking prescribed medications – especially antidepressants or antibiotics, please provide me with more information).
  • If any women will have their menstrual period during their stay, please inform me (some plants should not be used during this time).
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot undergo Ayahuasca.


Note: 14 days before the start of the expedition, you will receive more precise information about the diet, which we have prepared especially for you.

You will also be on the diet during your stay. All meals will be prepared using only the finest ingredients because the locals are excellent cooks! 🙂 The diet will beautifully cleanse your body, and you will feel lighter and more energized. Simply put, much better.

Your menu will consist of the following foods:

  • Rice
  • Boiled banana
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Oats (avena), wheat (trigo), and quinoa
  • Boiled potatoes
  • Vegetable soups and sauces
  • Eggs

People with heart problems, epilepsy, or schizophrenia should avoid ceremonies with Ayahuasca. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised against participating.

Ceremonies are not suitable for individuals taking antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-anxiety medications (anxiolytics), amphetamine-based medications (SSRI), or other psychoactive drugs, as well as herbs and medications affecting the nervous system. Combining these with Ayahuasca can be fatally dangerous (details are provided below).

At least a month before the ceremonies, you should also refrain from using marijuana, as it can significantly influence the entire course of the ceremonies.

Medications that are dangerous in combination with ayahuasca:
  • Medications containing MAOIs – ayahuasca contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) – harmaline and harmine. When combined with medications containing MAOIs, their effects multiply, potentially leading to fatal outcomes.
  • SSRI and SNRI – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors – antidepressants (e.g., Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Prozac, etc.) – inhibitors of serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake are also dangerous in combination with ayahuasca.
  • Most antidepressants, antibiotics, antipsychotics, barbiturates, antihypertensive drugs, CNS-affecting medications, among others.
  • Others: anti-asthmatics, codeine, antituberculosis drugs, Antabuse, antihistamines, lithium, antimigraine drugs, antiepileptics.
  • Conditions under which ayahuasca must not be used:   - Heart disease and high blood pressure   - Diabetes   - Recent concussion – if you've had a concussion in the last year, I do not recommend ayahuasca.


Diseases in which ayahuasca must not be used:

 •Heart disease.
 •concussion - I do not recommend Ayahuasca if you have had a concussion in the last year

If you have any health conditions, including mental health issues, please inform me.


Natural substances dangerous in combination with Ayahuasca:

 •St. John's wort, ginseng, licorice, boswellia, nutmeg, yohimbe, kava, kanna, Scotch broom, kratom, ephedra


During my journey through Ecuador and Peru, I visited several shamans with the goal of finding the best and most experienced ones for you. Therefore, you will meet two shamans who are not only my healers but have also become my teachers, assisting me on my own path of self-discovery and transformation. Both have their own recipe for Ayahuasca, which, although fundamentally the same, differs in preparation and ceremony. It's important to me that you leave this retreat with not only different experiences but also the deepest and most intense ones.


Papito Jose:

Papito is 84 years old. He lives on a hill deep in the jungle and his life's mission is to heal. He started preparing for the role of shaman as a 5-year-old boy. He is a highly respected healer among the locals, an elder with the gift of immense wisdom. Before drinking Ayahuasca, he always likes to tell stories from his life, and in the meantime he serves Gayusa tea and so-called water tobacco, which each of you applies to your nose. and musical instruments.During the ceremony, he will individually cleanse you of all negative energies and accompany you throughout the ceremony with his singing and musical instruments.


Tip: If you want to address specific issues that trouble you, you can inform me through a questionnaire you'll fill out during registration. I will pass on all the information to Papito, allowing him to better focus on the specific problems that trouble you.



Louis is 75 years old. He also lives deep in the jungle. From birth, he was trained by his father, also known as the powerful Yachak, to become a shaman. He has been practicing the use of medicinal plants in the forest for almost 40 years, specifically to purify the blood in the treatment of diseases and to purify spiritual energy through special ceremonies using essences extracted from Amazonian plants. During the ceremony, he will also individually cleanse you of all negative energies and accompany you with his singing and musical instruments throughout the ceremony.

Shamans are traditional healers, spiritual guides, seers, and mentors. Through Ayahuasca, they can connect with your energies, seeing your past and future. Consequently, the shaman has the ability to heal your body, soul, mind, and heart. They can rid you of negative energies and anything that no longer serves you. Shamans aid in treating mental issues, physical pain, and can even assist with infertility or other serious problems that doctors in Europe may struggle with.

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